Summer Lovin, Had Me a Blast…

AND, if you don’t know what movie that is from… well, maybe I am getting old!  Are you “Standin on a corner in Winslow, Arizona?”  Maybe you’re staying this summer at the “Hotel California.. and, will you ever leave?”  Are you “Leaving on a Jet plane?”  Do you know when you’ll be back home again?

Enough already. Right?  When I thought about this blog, my mind immediately went to all of the songs I know from over the years that talk about travel and places to visit  In fact, almost every single state is referenced someplace in a song. “I wanna be a part of it, New York, New York…..”

Let’s face it. Once Memorial Day arrives, our minds wander.  We think of picnics, and beaches, and ice cream socials, and well, anything but work!

What does that mean from a Real Estate perspective?  Do you have the water off in your home if you are going to be gone longer than a few days?  Have you turned the AC up so that it doesn’t run constantly? (This is particularly true in Tucson!)  Do you have pet care figured out?  And/or can you take your pets with you as you travel?  What about your mail?  Is it being forwarded to your summer residence?  Is someone picking it up for you if you are just gone for a few weeks?  Will some lights automatically come on so your home still looks inhabited?

Summer will be best spent and best remembered if you figure out these details that will not affect the pleasure of your experience.

If you are new to Tucson and need some help, please message me and I will do my best to introduce you to people who help with those details, including checking on your home while you are gone for the summer.

Meanwhile.. can you match the photo to the song?  AND, truthfully, are you singing in your head right now?  Or, maybe even out loud?


PS. There are 2 songs here made famous by the same group of artists.  But, one of them was written co-written by my “friend” Jackson Browne.  Do you know which song this is?

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Baby Boomers and Tucson

I just came home from a meeting with a group of women where we talked about being Baby Boomers. We talked about our  names, and what the names were of our parents and grandparents. We discussed having a whole party themed after being Boomers.

So, what does that mean from a housing perspective? Well, in Tucson it means a continued increase in population! With 10,000 people per day turning 65, and a large number of those people deciding to live in Tucson part or full time… it means continued activity in the housing market.

So, what are the details? What do boomers want and need? I have a new designation called the Designated Real Estate Consultant. The verbiage isn’t so important as the offering of what that brings.

Specifically, I am here to help Boomers making changes in their lives.  Or their parents, those of the Silent Generation. It’s true! We are living longer! So, does that mean a bigger house for you? Or a smaller one?  Does that mean when you walk into mom and dad’s place it looks exactly like it did when they built it in 1957?

1950s kitcchen

Does the Avocado Green or Gold/Orange fridge belong in the garage rather than the kitchen where it still sits?

1970s kitchen

So, if you own or know of a home that looks like one of those above, let me know and I will explain to you in detail how I can help you and/or your parents make more money on the sale of their home without spending any additional money out of their pocket. The program is called FLIP THE HOME YOU OWN! And, I am here to help.

Let’s face it, most of us in that Baby Boomer category are living a bit in denial. We think we will live forever, that we are immortal! It is the reason we were explorers and experimenters and the reason we opened up the globe doing it “our way.”

Now, for the next step…. Whether we like it or not, times “They are a Changin” and our kids and grandkids want sleek and simple. Open and airy.

2015 kitchen




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Read a Road Map Week

Do you remember the day?  Are you reading this and old enough to remember having maps in your car?  You know.. the paper kind.  Maybe the person in the seat next to you had a flashlight if it was after dark.

Back in these days, not so very long ago, you had to really pre-plan for a  trip.  There was no GPS and you weren’t listening to a strangers voice tell you where to turn and which lane to get into.

We still USE maps. We just use them differently. This is a colorful visual of how we in Real Estate divide up our searches for you.  If you are planning a move or thinking of selling your home, this map will help identify where the Tucson Association of Realtors places your home!


And, if you are a hiker, or biker, you certainly have a map handy while you visit our parks and trails.  I challenge you this week to put down your electronic devices.  (I should include a map to a therapist for those of you who shudder at this thought!  🙂  Find a real map, open it up, lay it on your table, get a great aerial view of where you are or where you live and where you want to be.  You will be amazed at the fun involved in the tactile responses related to the opening of the map and viewing a much larger world that your GPS gives you as you chart your way to the closest Starbucks.

Here are a couple of other fun Tucson maps!  the Dog Park one is clearly a few years old!!



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Spring in the Sonoran Desert

As I was driving home this evening I realized that it really is spring in Tucson.  And, it makes me smile a bit because our calendars say it is officially spring, and yet there are states that got pounded with snow today.

If you stand at the base of the Santa Catalina Mountains this evening and look south over the city, you will see what looks like quilt of yellow and green.  Our Palo Verde trees are in full bloom!

If you look up close, the blooms of the palo verde remind me of the forsythia of my youth in Northwest Ohio.  If you happen to have allergies, well, this is also “your season” as those blowing around can make folks allergies flair up!

My favorite cactus here, or one of my favorites, is the Ocotillo. I snapped this photo today because I loved the wild shape of this one.

Ocotillo  Ocotillo bloom close up

Part of the reason I love this cactus is the Native American story that goes along with it You cannot tell from the photo, but the branches are thorny, and, the leaves are like teardrops. Ancient history says that these grow and bloom where the spirit of a Native American has lived or is resting.  The thorns represent their strife, the leaves their tears, and the beautiful blooms, their ability to survive and thrive!

And, soon, all of our many cacti will be blooming.  My friend Jim recently posted this photo of a bloom on his torch cactus.  Amazing the beauty we can find in this rough dry desert!Torch cactus

What do you love about Springtime in your part of the world?


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Where is your Masterpiece?

Thank heavens for lists that remind us of all of the national, regional, and local holidays or commemorations, right?  Otherwise, you and I  might not know that January 29th is National Puzzle Day.

Is there anyone who hasn’t assembled a puzzle?  From the time we are young, we fit together as few as 4 or 5 pieces and VOILA we have an image!  For years, our dining room table served as a place to gather during cold winter months and assemble a puzzle.  Of course, they got more difficult as the years went by. Sometimes they remained on the table for weeks.  Before school, or at the end of the day, or later when I was married and would just stop by; I would pause and find a puzzle piece or two.  As I write this, I am thinking that I should crack a box open and do this again!!

Tucson is lucky. We are home to a small but powerful company in the world of puzzles.  Masterpieces Inc is located in Oro Valley on Rancho Vistoso Blvd.  Check out their website, and, while you’re at it, think about your favorite puzzle and share your memories with us!  Meanwhile, if I can help you find a home here in Tucson where you can create new memories, please give me a call.

I’m attaching a couple of images of puzzles below, one for the youngsters and farmers near where I grew up in Ohio, and one for my traveling buddies.  BTW, the John Deere is 36 pieces, and the Route 66 is 1000  pieces.

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Veteran’s Day 2015 and Memories of the Doolittle Raiders

In 2004, I was lucky enough to be a helper with the event company planning the 62nd reunion of the Doolittle Raiders here in Tucson.  My father, who was a huge history fan, had always been a bit dismayed at my knowledge of the details of the second World War and our many heroes.  So, I was especially excited to be part of this reunion.

Tucson held  a special place with this group, as it was local retailer Leon Levy who created the goblets which were used for years to represent the lives and passing of those men who participated in this mission.  The ceremony for this goblets was special to the surviving members of the group.

Raider goblets

I remember specifically that there was a meeting/welcome out at the guard unit where a B25 had been brought and those arriving from around the globe were chatting and reminiscing.


I also remember that I was sent to the airport to pick up one man who was arriving late from San Antonio. His name was Col. Richard Cole. Mr Cole lived and worked on 5 acres in the hills outside San Antonio, not far from where my brother lives.  He didn’t want to “go to the event” as he was late and said “They create a scene when I arrive, and I don’t want that to happen.”  He was humble.  I found out through our conversation that I was driving the C0-Pilot for plane #1.  Jimmy Doolittle’s second in command.  I had a legend and a hero in my car.

The week-end was filled with great stories and memories. Local hero Davy Jones looked dashing in his navy blue jacket and pants.  He was proud to be in Tucson the city he had chosen as home, and to once again share memories with his friends and comrades.

There are many stories to share from this event, but I won’t..  I would love for you to share your stories of your heroes.  We are blessed to live in these United States..even WITH all of the many issue we face as a nation.

**In searching for information on Col. Cole, I see that he was born in September of 1915.  And, if still alive, he would have just turned 100!  I believe I am going to have to send my brother on a search in San Antonio.**


Not As Briefed David Thatcher photo Raiders autographs

The photos above represent a few items I received during the reunion. The book is an amazing history book, filled with artwork by Col Ross Greening.  Some autographs of those in attendance, and a photo with David Thatcher, who, I believe was one of the youngest on this mission and also survives.

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The Happy Saguaro

After a year and a half in my home, I am finally finishing up my back yard. I had some plants brought in and painted the wall, etc.  Not being inclined to drive all over town,  I decided to check out this place I had seen at Oracle and Magee.  The Happy Saguaro is located near Trader Joe’s on the East side of the road in Plaza Escondido.

The Happy Saguaro\

I expected everything to be expensive, because, it is “Oro Valley.”  And, I have this perception that things are priced higher in Oro Valley. I was so pleasantly surprised. Not only did they have a great selection at reasonable prices, they carried so much more than the pottery that was visible when driving by. Lawn art, jewelry, and pure vanilla from Mexico! (A baker’s dream!) While I was there, a family friend was actually grilling fresh green peppers which also gave the outdoor space a great smell!!

Here is a link and article from last year in Oro Valley News. Take a moment and check it out!  The Happy Saguaro is owned by  Edgar Castillo.  He not only waited on me, he also treated me like family.  What a great experience!

So, here is what I wound up with!  What do you think?  (PS. the hose is extra!)

Pottery 1 Pottery 2

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